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Young Ontarians United, an initiative of L.I.G.H.T., is currently working on developing sustainable infrastructure to conduct youth consultations across Ontario in order to create annual reports of policy recommendations for the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. This consultation aims to ensure youth consideration is at the forefront of policy making, as youth consultations at the government level only occur every few years (the current Enhanced Youth Action Plan is based on a plan developed in 2012, and the most recent report based on youth input was published in 2016). 

Our goal is to collect current opinions of young people, understand their priorities during COVID-19, and present youth policy recommendations to the Province of Ontario. These opinions will be gained from a variety of youth holding opinions on issues like education, healthcare, and obstacles faced by at-risk youth, Indigenous youth, rural and remote youth communities and marginalized young people.

Young people, especially during a time of crisis like COVID-19, need a united front for representation

Being in its incipient stages, we are presently consulting several organizations across Ontario who are youth-led/work directly with youth, specializing in areas such as youth with disabilities, LGBTQ2S+ youth, Indigenous youth, rural youth, immigrant and refugee youth, etc, to ask what topics they believe should be focused on in our consultation, as well as, best practices for consultation (e.g. focus groups, surveys, inclusive language, etc.). It is our genuine aspiration to ensure an equity-based lens in our consultation method, and to hear a diverse range of topics/issues to be included in our survey.​

We need to be seen for who we truly are: a generation of young people actively seeking change.

If you are interested getting involved or learning more, please contact us at, or visit our website here


Preliminary Consultations: 

Meeting with groups specializing in youth work across all demographics. 

Goal: Gain a nuanced understanding into the diverse issues presently affecting youth. Developing strategy for consultations based on feedback. Determining which issues are most pertinent to evaluate right now through our consultation. 

June 2020

Focus Group Follow Up: 

Survey participants may indicate if they are interested in being contacted for a focus group consultation. 1-hour long focus groups will be conducted via online platforms (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams). Focus group participants will receive a small honorarium for their time. 

Goal: Speak to youth directly in an open-setting to hear their perspectives and stories. 

August 2020

Survey Data Collection: 

After developing the survey, it will be distributed to youth across Ontario through numerous youth groups. It will be administered primarily online, in English and French; however, pdf copies of the survey will be available for hard copy distribution. 

Goal: Reach as many youth in Ontario as possible. Ensure accessibility to our survey.

July-August 2020

Report Creation: 

The data collected will be analyzed and summarized into a report. Once completed, it will be share with all consultation participants, published online, and sent to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. 

Goal: Create an in-depth comprehensive report to present findings and recommend concrete actions. 

August -September 2020

our team


Terence D'Souza


Focus on Youth Education, Youth in Care, Employed and NEET youth

Katelyn Wang.JPG

Katelyn Wang

Associate Director

Focus on Womxn Youth, First Nations Youth, Métis Youth, Inuit Youth


Naomie Jeyanthakumar

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Matthew Ling.jpg

Matthew Ling


Focus on Youth with Disabilities, Immigrant and Refugee Youth

Alicia Zhang.HEIC

Alicia Zhang


Focus on LGBTQ2S+ Youth, Rural Youth

Kirat Dhaliwal.jpg

Kirat Dhaliwal


Focus on Racialized Minority Youth, Youth At-Risk or Facing Homelessness

Data analysis and policy development


Saadia Sarker

Data Analyst and Policy Developer

Akash Jain Headshot 1.jpg

Akash Jain

Policy Developer


Sahdia Sandhu

Policy Developer


Rasan Sahota

Policy Developer