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3 teams, 3 missions

Our Programs

This 10-month social advocacy and leadership fellowship program consists of an energetic cohort of promising youth from York Region, who engage in bi-weekly training on 21st century skills and social justice topics (Led by the amazing LIGHT executives!).

Program participants will also be given an opportunity to create a youth-led initiative in small groups based on a social issue they are passionate about. 

Previous initiatives have included: Online tutoring programs, women empowerment art exhibitions, newcomer skill-building workshops, children's camps, self-defense workshops, etc.!

The initiatives will be led and designed by Level-Up members themselves, and then implemented into our local community!
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Solar is LIGHT's Events & Programming team, who coordinates several initiatives and a few large-scale events every year. They are responsible for organizing our annual social justice conference, which occurs in the spring!

Solar members also organize initiatives throughout the year, each tackling prevalent social issues and topics and ranging in variety. 

From afterschool children's programs to social justice related contests, to even a podcast series, this team is a creative bunch of youth leaders and logistical geniuses, changing the world one initiative at a time! 
Steer houses passionate leaders who care about local issues, community building, and social justice activism.  They're our impactful policy advocacy branch!

Members are responsible for forming various working groups to research community sentiments and youth opinion on certain topics:
(Like transit, education, employment, arts and culture, newcomers, urban health, housing, etc.)

Then, they will advocate and make policy recommendations to the municipal government.

Steer has worked with Richmond Hill City Council, and championed various campaigns to make the cities we live in feel safe and representative of all communities! 
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