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By: Jia Jia He

We were warned of all the outcomes,

Yet out, you come.

We were told to keep our distance,

Yet you seem to get ever so close.

We were taught to think of others,

Yet you act only for yourself.

There are people waiting anxiously with fright,

To see if their loved ones are alright.

While you are out, without a care in the world.

You move with so much risk,

yet you get no reward.

You think this is some board game,

But this is not Pandemic, this is a pandemic.

We want this to end, so we can go back to our lives,

We need this to end, so we can save many lives.

No one wants this to spread,

But best not be in distress,

So stay home and rest,

While the front line workers do their best.

Only go out when it’s a must,

Be prepared with essentials,

Like canned goods and gloves.

You never know what may be sheltering the disease,

So to prevent you from wheezing,

Wash your hands routinely.

Think of all the families who have lost one to the crow,

Think of all the patients who are at an all-time low,

But by staying at home,

You would be doing your role.

At the end of the day,

We want this to come to an end.

We must stop this illness’s upwards trend,

So take the right precautions,

And don’t let this be forgotten.

Always remember to be healthy and safe,

It all starts off, by keeping 6 feet away.

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