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About Us

Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization serving as an incubator of passion, fostering youth-led innovation for marginalized adolescents by providing opportunities to design community service projects that meet the changing needs of our immediate environment.

How  We  Work

Our core executive members provide training on soft and hard skills that equip our program participants to successfully execute projects. Through our events, programs, and initiatives, we engage more youth to join our movement and continue our cycle of building confident young agents of social change.

Core Values

Within our team, we are committed to the following three Core Values:

Youth-led Innovation, Inclusion, Sustainability

Our Vision

A beautiful world in which marginalized youth are able to execute their innovative ideas in our movement towards a world with justice in all areas.  

Our Mission

To nurture the leadership capabilities in marginalized youth to address social injustice in their communities

Our Mandate

1) To always empower youth with the right tools, relationships and support to reach their full potential.

2) To educate youth on the different prevalent issues that affect our world.

3) To build empathy in youth that lead them to become pro-active leaders in their communities

Meet the

Executive Team 2021/22

Operations Team

Katelyn Wang

Belinda Wang

Ruby Zhang 

Executive Director

Director of Operations

Director of Chapter Development

IMG-5282 (2)_edited.jpg

Miyuki Mori

Peach Li

Lauren Wang

Director of Marketing and Communications

Associate Director of Marketing
and Communications

Director of Sponsorships and Grants


Kevin Zhang

Associate Director of Sponsorships and Grants

Maddux Ma_Operations_Secretary.jpg

Maddux Ma


Geertika Jeyaganesha_Operations_Secretary.jpg

Geertika Jeyaganesha


Training Team

Ulain Umar_Training_Director of Training - Workshops and Series.png
Eileen Feng Headshot 2.jpg

Ulain Umar

Deeksha Yelamanchi

Director of Training:
Workshops and Series

Co-Director of Training: Level Up

Eileen Feng

Co-Director of Training: Level Up


Jiwoo Kwon

Director of Research and Content Development

Events/Advocacy Team

Shveta Suresh_Events_Advocacy_Director of Events.JPG

Shveta Suresh

Anchita Choudhary

Mehka Gnanendran

Director of Events (Solar) 

Associate Director of Events (Solar)

Director of Policy Advocacy (Steer)


Renee Shrestha

Associate Director of Policy Advocacy (Steer)

Untitled---January-25,-2022-22.14.59 (2).png
Meet the Team!
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